Interview with Dr. Berreklouw

Question: Dr. Berreklouw can you tell us about your work and why you started Daidalos Solutions B.V.?

Answer: I have been working in heart surgery from 1976, when I was 24 years old. My father was one of the first cardiologists in The Netherlands. I have been involved in all the major developments within our profession, like the developments in coronary bypass...

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Why us?

By making use of Daidalos Solutions B.V. you can use Dr. Berreklouw’s 35 years experience in cardiac surgery, medical device devlopment, and clinical research, including his extensive network in this field.

Daidalos Solutions B.V. is employing a practical and down-to-earth partnering approach, wherein a relative low-cost business model is getting any premium medical device as...

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The mission of Daidalos Solutions B.V. is to promote the development of minimal invasive surgery by replacing hand suturing by mechanical means to benefit patients all over the world.

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About us

Daidalos Solution BV is an independent medical device developing company founded by Dr. Eric Berreklouw, a cardiac surgeon from The Netherlands, who has been involved in cardiac urgery since 1976.

Dr. Berreklouw trained in The Netherlands and the USA, holds an MD and...

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